Theoretical-methodological bases of formation of logic of universal educational activities in physics lessons

Haris H. Abushkin, Anna A. Kharitonova, Nikolay N. Khvastunov


Purpose. Designing a modern physics lesson on the basis of a system of didactic, methodical and logical-psychological connections, allowing to form universal educational actions.

Methodology. The research is based on system-activity and technological approaches.

Results. The theoretical and methodological basis for the formation of logical universal educational actions in physics lessons in the framework of the second generation of the Federal State Education Standards of the Basic General Education (FSES) is presented. Macro -, meso - and micro - levels of formation of logical operations in the process of studying physical concepts are considered. The analysis of the dynamics of the functional development of logical operations is a didactic condition for the formation of logical universal educational actions.


analysis, synthesis, comparison, abstraction, classification, universal educational actions.

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