Social and political integrity and political and legal order

Baranov P. Petrovich, Mamamychev A. Yurievich, Magomedov R.М., Dashkovska O. R., Serhii Boldyriev


The article analyzes the essence and main characteristics of political integrity and political order. It presents various interpretations and research positions related to the justification of the latter. The theoretical and methodological basis of the work is domestic and foreign studies of political scientists, sociologists and lawyers. The paper uses ideological (phenomenological, sociocultural, systemic, etc.), general scientific (analysis, synthesis, analogy, etc.), as well as concrete scientific (historical-political, the method of political modeling) approaches and methods.

The authors argue that in the context of the interrelationship of state, legal, political integrity and order, it is necessary to use the concept of “political and legal order” as more adequate, since the latter allows to comprehensively present and investigate the institutional and normative organization of society, based on political, legal norms, ideas, values and ideals, that ensures the orderliness of relations and reflects the specifics and patterns of development of a particular socio-cultural system.


power, state, law, politics, order, political process, society, social dynamics.

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