Analysis of neologisms in the prologue to the poem of v. Mayakovsky “cloud in trousers”

Leysan R. Vasilova, Zubayda A. Biktagirova, Natalya A. Deputatova, Olimjon H. Kasimov


The article is dedicated to the analysis of translation of neologisms in the prologue to the poem of a famous Soviet futurist poet Vladimir Mayakovsky - “Cloud in Trousers”. The poem, which was written in 1914, is rich in neologisms, and their translation may cause some difficulties – especially taking into account Mayakovsky’s peculiar style. The translators had not only to save the original rhymes and rhythm, but also to manage to find appropriate equivalents to the poet’s neologisms. They are extremely important for the translations of the poem, since all of them have their own meaning and help the readers to make the poem more vivid and picturesque. The author analyzes the original neologisms and their translations in the English, Turkish and Spanish translations. The aim of the work determined the following objectives: to determine presence or absence of the original neologisms in the translations required and the way of their translation.


Mayakovsky, Cloud in Trousers, neologisms, comparative analysis, stylistic figures.

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