Bait «sak-suk» in modern folklore

Gulshat I. Nureeva, Liailia I. Mingazova, Flera S. Sayfulina, Gulnar V. Yuldybaeva


The article is devoted to the study of the current state of the plot of the mythological baita «Sak and Suk», common among the peoples of the Ural-Volga region (Bashkirs, Tatars and Chuvashes). Its origin, roots, this Bait goes back centuries. «Sak-Suk» and in our days remains the most popular and beloved among the people, they remember and execute it. Also, the people began to compose the continuation of the bait, linking it with today's realities.During the academic expeditions by folklorists of the BRAS RIHLL URC RAS, new versions of the Bait are still being recorded. The records of our days clearly show that in poetic form the Bait «Sak-Suk» is more preserved in written folklore, ie. people in the older generation. In most cases, informants tell a baite in prose or they can only remember its first lines or a few stanzas. Among the informants, there are a lot of those who claim that the Baik «Sak-Suk» is a byl.Bait «Sak-Suk» can be heard not only in Bashkortostan, but also in regions where Bashkirs live compactly - Kurgan, Samara, Orenburg, Chelyabinsk, Saratov regions, Perm Krai of the Russian Federation. Analysis of modern expeditionary materials shows that in the people's memory, the Bait has been preserved more among the Bashkirs of the above areas than in Bashkortostan itself. In these regions informants willingly perform the Bait in both poetic and prose.


bait, mythology, Sak-Suk, informant, version, option

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Written by the author in 2012 in the village Chingiz Baymaksky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan from G.A Kuvatova (1927).

Written by the author in 2013, the village Bashkultai Perm Region of the Russian Federation from R.G. Kushtanova (1931).

Written in 2013 by A.M. Khakimyanova in the village of Tanyp of the Perm region of the Russian Federation from G. Kh. Akbasheva (1942).


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