Phenomenon of the american dream in percival everett’s novels

Inna V. Shchepacheva, George A. Frolov, Marina K. Bronich


The article deals with two mostly well-known novels American Desert and I Am Not Sidney Poitier by Percival Everett. Nowadays he is one of the most accomplished and prolific American writers and belongs to a “new” generation of black writers. In his novels the author addressesthe phenomenon of the American Dream which is one of the most widespread themes in the literature of the USA in the XX-XXI centuries. The authors of the article come to the conclusion that the novels are based on the same plot structure demonstrating the compelling impact of this phenomenon on the protagonists’ lives. The main aim of appealing to the phenomenonis to present author’s views upon this question, to give the way of its new interpretation, to discuss the related problems of American society. The writer also presents the transformation of the phenomenon of the American Dream into American tragedy. This way of interpretation is based on postmodernist aesthetics mostly.


Percival Everett, American Dream, American way of life, American tragedy, self-made person.

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