Acceptability and Mineral Content of Pan-fried and Deep-fried Fern Ravioli

Sofia C. Naelga, Ninia Marie A. Estillore


People nowadays are already becoming health conscious and wanted to eat foods that have grown natural way from seeds that have not been genetically modified in any way. We are looking for food which offer health and nutrition benefits, that’s why many researchers nowadays continued innovating food products that can give nourishment in the body. Consequently, Fiddlehead fern with its scientific name Diplazium esculentum, locally called “pako” in the Philippines, is one of the organic vegetables which can offer a lot of health benefits. Nutritionally speaking, fiddlehead contains potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, calcium and many other nutrients.

The study employed experimental method of research. The mineral content between basic ravioli and fern ravioli using pan-fry and deep fry method in terms of potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron and calcium was tested by F.A.S.T. Laboratories. Furthermore, the respondents evaluated the acceptability to food attributes in terms of appearance, color, aroma, flavor, texture and taste evaluation using 9-point Hedonic Scale.

The acceptability to food attributes of the fern ravioli in terms of appearance, color, aroma, flavor, texture and taste were accepted by the ravioli consumers. Moreover, the mineral contents found were potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron and calcium which are essential to the body. The minerals found in fern ravioli and basic ravioli can strongly supplement the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of an individual through menu planning, after which, needed nutrients are properly distributed through meals and snacks preparation every day.


fiddlehead fern, mineral content, sensory evaluation, and recommended daily allowances (RDA), ravioli

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